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What is WorkHeart - Date Professionals ?

WorkHeart —— Best dates for quality professionals.

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With our first-ever school/work verification system, WorkHeart is the most powerful and efficient app for meeting not just new people —— but quality professionals! Think of us as your most reliable friend, wherever you go, we always care about your heart. If you’re here to meet new people who are professional in his/her own field and are also passionate about life, you’ve come to the right place.

Discover. Chat. Date. WorkHeart is fun and easy —— use the Like or Dislike button to decide whether you want to meet this person or not. This is a place where you can meet excellent people in a casual environment. Not too serious. No pressure. No need to poke about the background.

Welcome to WorkHeart —— the best community of single quality professionals in Asia. What are you waiting for? Let’s join us!



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  • Professionals Only. Best Date.
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  • WorkHeart is fun and easy
  • We believe in gentility

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