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What is mp3podPlay 3 Podcast Player ?

The “Hardware” Podcast Player

— please note —
This app is not a downloader and is not designed for playing music either, though you can do just that.
As a PODCAST PLAYER it is typically used for playing podcasts transferred via PC or downloaded by some other app.
— — 

If you’d like to test, if this app is right for you, please try the free lite version before!
Please read the description there for differences between both versions.

Tip for installation:
Start the app immediately after installing, while you’re still online. Thus the license check can be done and you do not need to connect to the web any more.

— — Description — —

mp3podPlay combines the ease of use of a hardware player with the potential of contemporary user interfaces.

As a pure podcast player it specializes in playing back and administering your podcast files, downloaded from the web and saved in a local folder on your smartphone or tablet, in a most comfortable way.

mp3podPlay just requires minimal rights (description below). For instance it doesn’t need a network connection.

Supported audio formats: mp3, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, m4a, mp4 (audio track)

– First Start –
After selecting the base folder you can start immediately playing back your podcasts. This folder is used for each following start, until you select another one. The base folder and all of its subfolders are scanned for podcast files.

– Full Control… –
…over the playback position is provided by the controls and display fields, which also keep you up to date of where you are – exact to the second.

– Control the App with the Headset Key –
Using the hook key of your headset you can start or stop playback, rewind/fast-forward or jump to the previous or next track and even rise or lower the volume.

– Bookmarks - set and recall simply and fast –
With the bookmarks manager you can easily set, recall and delete up to twenty bookmarks. Bookmarks are automatically discarded, when the corresponding file does no more exist,



  • Android


Language supported

  • English,
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Pricing model

  • Paid


  • Podcasts Player Used for playing podcasts transferred via PC or downloaded
  • Full Control
  • Control the App with the Headset Key
  • Bookmarks

mp3podPlay 3 Podcast Player Contains/promotes :

  • Sexuality
  • Depiction of Illegal Drug
  • Promotion of age-restricted products/Activities