MindShift CBT - Anxiety Relief


What is MindShift CBT - Anxiety Relief ?

Manage your anxiety, relax & be mindful

Break free from anxiety and stress using this free evidence-based anxiety management app. MindShift CBT uses scientifically proven strategies based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

MindShift CBT is a free self-help anxiety relief app that helps you reduce worry, stress, and panic by following evidence-based strategies. Using CBT tools, you can challenge negativity, learn more about anxiety, develop more effective ways of thinking, be mindful, and relax.

If you are looking for anxiety, stress, and panic relief, you have come to the right place. Download MindShift CBT for free on your iOS device, learn more about anxiety, practice cognitive behavioral therapy, and reduce the amount of worry, panic, social anxiety, and discomfort from phobias that you experience.

The go-to app for anxiety management

MindShift CBT, the free anxiety relief app, comes with a clean and user-friendly design that allows you to learn and practice CBT strategies in an easy and intuitive way. We have specifically designed the app to be your free and portable go-to tool for anxiety management.

Learn about the different CBT strategies, including writing thought journals, challenging yourself with belief experiments, building fear ladders, and doing comfort zone challenges. Listen to calming audio to reframe your thoughts, practice mindfulness, and stay grounded. All of the exercises are presented in small chunks with plenty of supporting information to help you naturally integrate these strategies with the rest of your life.



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Language supported

  • English,
  • French,
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Pricing model

  • Free


  • Clean, welcoming, and user-friendly intuitive design
  • Evidence-based strategies and tools based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Daily check-in to keep track of your anxiety level and mood
  • Easy to follow guides on learning about anxiety
  • Facts and tips to overcome general worry, social anxiety, perfectionism
  • Goal setting tools to keep you accountable
  • Coping cards and statements to help you ride out your anxiety
  • Guided relaxation and mindfulness meditations to ground you
  • Sharing and data exporting to streamline sessions therapist or psychologist

MindShift CBT - Anxiety Relief Contains/promotes :

  • Sexuality
  • Depiction of Illegal Drug
  • Promotion of age-restricted products/Activities