Jigsaw: Relationships & Dating


What is Jigsaw: Relationships & Dating ?

So put your personality first and join Jigsaw. We’ve solved the dating puzzle for over 100,000 singles just like you.

People are full of surprises. So judging them on how they look means missing out on hidden magic. That’s why faces on Jigsaw start off covered with a jigsaw puzzle.

Exchange messages to remove the puzzle and match the face with the personality you’re getting to know.

Here’s how it all works:

→ Send a message to your match to have a puzzle piece disappear.

→ Complete the puzzle within one week and reveal the photo underneath.

Discovering the person behind the puzzle makes a connection worth waiting for. One based on personality, not just looks. Because you date people, not photos.

Over 100,000 people have already joined the Jigsaw community, moved millions of jigsaw pieces, had zillions of great conversations, and formed real bonds. With Jigsaw, you get better matches, enjoy better dates and create lasting relationships based on true compatibility.

So download Jigsaw the dating app now and find a new, anti-superficial way to date.



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Pricing model

  • Free


  • Chat, Remove the Puzzle & Date
  • Changing the face of dating
  • Over 100,000 people have already joined the Jigsaw
  • Instant Matches
  • Prioritize your personality.
  • Save singles from superficial dating
  • Safe and secure

Jigsaw: Relationships & Dating Contains/promotes :

  • Sexuality
  • Depiction of Illegal Drug
  • Promotion of age-restricted products/Activities