CallerSmart: Caller ID + Block


What is CallerSmart: Caller ID + Block ?

CallerSmart helps you investigate mystery phone numbers, and avoid unwanted calls and texts.

Huffington Post, Mashable, Inc., and many others have featured us, and BuzzFeed nicknamed our app “turnt up caller ID” in their “11 Things To Do Before You Start Dating Online” article.

iPhone users have made CallerSmart the #1 reverse phone lookup utility app in the App Store - for over 4 years!

Why? Because we've made a game out of keeping the U.S. phone book up-to-date for all. That's why you can also get free prizes and unlock fun Smart Badges, just for helping keep our listings accurate for everyone.



- Find out the full name and location behind a mystery number that's shown up on your caller ID.

- Investigate a suspicious text you've gotten, including useful comments from other users.

- Avoid annoying bill collectors, telemarketers, scammers, prank callers, etc. - all so you don't mistakenly call someone back you don't want to talk to.

- Monitor your phone number to see who has been looking for you, including past searches.

Join hundreds of thousands of satisfied CallerSmart users and discover the best caller ID solution for your iPhone!


  • iOS


Language supported

  • Arabic,
  • Danish,
  • Dutch,
  • English,
  • French,
  • German,
  • Greek,
  • Indonesian,
  • Japanese,
  • Portuguese,
  • Simplified Chinese,
  • Spanish,
  • Traditional Chinese,
  • Turkish,
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Pricing model

  • Free


  • Find out who's calling or texting you
  • Stop unwanted calls and texts
  • Avoid annoying bill collectors, telemarketers, scammers, prank callers, etc.
  • Identify phone number is from
  • View useful feedback from other users

CallerSmart: Caller ID + Block Contains/promotes :

  • Sexuality
  • Depiction of Illegal Drug
  • Promotion of age-restricted products/Activities