Bonum Health


What is Bonum Health ?

The Bonum Health app is a platform for you to talk to any of our board-certified doctors 24/7. Our app allows you to get their expert advice from anywhere and at any time that best suits you. Through our app you can now connect with a doctor face to face through your phones, tablets or desktops.

The three services that you can consult for include medical conditions, dermatology conditions and any behavioral health related concerns.

Choose time with family over time in wait lines and health over expensive health insurance. We promise you no wait lines and more time with your loved ones for the lowest price possible.

App highlights

Track your medications, allergy information, and post comments about the medication for your doctors to see. This may even include refills request or any reactions you may have.

My Care Feed feature allows you to review all conversations with your doctor and view any recent updates.

My Activities helps you keep track of any past or future doctors appointments. Your completed appointments will display the summary of your visit.

You can set pill reminders and never miss a dose

One touch sign in is enabled for faster and secure access to care through your device.





  • iOS


  • iPad


Language supported

  • English,
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Pricing model

  • Free


  • Our app can be used to connect with our doctors 24/7
  • Now connect with a doctor face to face through your phones, tablet
  • If the nearest doctor is a few hours away

Bonum Health Contains/promotes :

  • Sexuality
  • Depiction of Illegal Drug
  • Promotion of age-restricted products/Activities