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What is Astro Gold ?

Astro Gold is the professional-level astrology iPhone and iPad app that you have been waiting for!

This app provides high quality software on a mobile device. Along with high precision calculations you can also read professional astrological interpretations. Astro Gold features Natal, Transit, Progression and Synastry interpretations, making astrology on-the-go even easier, as well as the option to store chart files in iCloud Drive which makes it possible to have the same chart files across multiple iOS devices, as well as the advanced macOS version of Astro Gold.

The app is clean, clear and precise, and uses the latest Swiss Ephemeris and ACS Atlas files.

If you love astrology and want a professional astrology app then look no further. If you are a user of the Solar Fire PC program then you can exchange chart files between this app and your Solar Fire program via email or iTunes file sharing.


• Cast new Natal charts

• Cast Solar Return charts

• Cast Lunar Return charts

• Cast Secondary Progressed charts

• Cast Solar Arc Directed charts

• Cast Relationship or Composite charts

• Save charts to file and open charts from file

• Charts may be saved either as local device files or to iCloud Drive

• Chart saved to iCloud Drive are automatically available to any other iOS device on which you install this app, as well as the advanced astrology macOS version of Astro Gold.

• Edit charts

• Re-open a recently used chart

• Import and export chart files via email or by iTunes File Sharing (not necessary if you use iCloud Drive)

• Chart files are fully compatible and interchangeable with AstroGold macOS version and "Solar Fire" desktop astrology program for PC

• Select either 1, 2 or 3 charts at a time for display

• Print charts or send chart images by email


• Zooming/panning display to view hi-res wheels and grids

• Single Chart Wheels, Bi-Wheels, Tri-Wheels

• Aspect grid with aspects of longitude and declination



  • Android


  • iOS


  • iPad


Language supported

  • English,
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Pricing model

  • Paid


  • Charts
  • Select either 1 chart or 2 charts at a time for display
  • Zooming/panning display to view hi-res wheels and grids

Astro Gold Contains/promotes :

  • Sexuality
  • Depiction of Illegal Drug
  • Promotion of age-restricted products/Activities